What´s inside my Handbag ?

Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

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From left to the right side: Face Palette Barocco/ Besame Cosmetics Face Lightener / Lipstick & Porcelain Powder / Vintage Matches/ A pilldose with a little pocket watch

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Sometimes when I´m in the mood to be eccentrically I take my cigarette holder out of my bag for smoking, but I don´t smoke to often at all

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Loved the blackcurrant pastilles, but now i fill the tin with violet liquorice

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Perfume & handcreme never should be missed in a womens bag

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My vintage purse, I was so happy when I found it very cheap on the flea market

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Hankerchiefs are very important, too!

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The best powder ever was the one from Besame Cosmetics (porcelain)

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A notebook ist also very usefull, because I often forget my thoughs, but it´s also very practicall when you´re bored so you can draw some nice pictures in it

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Bésame yes now everyone knows how much I adore the brand

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I don´t like lip glosses at all, but this smells awesome!

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